Choosing Cocktail Dresses by Body Types

Cocktail dresses are always sexy to look at. They are classy, alluring attires perfectly fitting the curves of a woman’s body. Not every female may look good in it, but there are ways to hide figure’s imperfections and the range of the dresses promise something for everyone. The dresses come in variety of colors, materials, shapes, and textures. The range of choices includes everything from satin gowns to short dresses made of chiffon. While choosing one, a person should know the body type. Beautiful Cocktail dresses can only achieve the desired look if they suit well with the shape of the body of the wearer. Here are some tips for choosing and looking chic in a cocktail dress.

Pear shaped body type has slender body and small bust but larger thighs and hips. While choosing a cocktail dress, such body types should consider an empire waistline or A-line skirt to deemphasize the heavy bottom. It is also worth wearing padded shoulders. This helps you to have a balanced top and bottom. Another great option is to go for a two-color toned dress wherein the top is of lighter color and the bottom is on the darker shade.

Rectangle shape body type has hips and bust almost of the same circumferential size. The key to choosing the right cocktail dress for such body types is to emphasize the waistline to look sassy. Use a sequined or jeweled belt to define the waistline.

Inverted triangle shape has wide shoulders but with narrow waistline and hips. Dresses with flair skirt look good on such people. Dresses with asymmetrical hemline are also advisable and accessorizing by wearing stylish shoes drives the attention away from the broad body.

Hourglass figure type is the luckiest and best of all. With this figure type, there is no need to hide imperfections. The best thing is to flaunt what such body types have been blessed with. This body type has the perfect shape to show off the curves and wear tight fitting dresses. Dresses made from stretchable materials are a perfect choice.

Apple shaped females have their fats around the abdomen and waistline. They have large breasts and waists but narrow hips. Dresses made from soft fabrics look best. Such body types should never wear something that would cling to their body. Also, wearing loose and baggy is a strict no-no.

Whatever body type you are, never wear dresses that are ill fitting. Bear in mind to look elegant and comfortable. Do not be a blind follower of anything even if it is all the rage in the fashion world. Accentuate to hide imperfections. Black cocktail dress makes the wearer slimmer; light colors suit the slender ones. V-necklines are excellent for top-heavy figures. Nice wraps, shawls or shrug project elegance.

Accessorizing is very essential to proper wearing of Cocktail Dresses. Shoes should be classy when sporting a shorter length dress. A beaded evening bag coupled with jewelries made of gold, pearls, diamonds or even silver go well with a classic cocktail dress.

The “little black dress” is not all that it takes to a good cocktail dress. Learn to experiment with colors and cuts but always take into consideration the body type in choosing Cocktail Dresses.